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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

BetterRhetor College-Ready Writing Essentials Full Package - A Crew Review

When I began high school  many, many years ago, the worst assignment that I could imagine was one that required extensive writing. At that age, I had such a difficult time with that particular exercise. What do I write about? How do I put together an outline? Why do I even need an outline? What in the world will I say for three or more pages? Oh man, those assignments were the worst. I remember only one or two class periods where a teacher actually walked the class though the process of putting together a paper. It wasn't until college that something clicked in my head, and I not only overcame the fear, but I began to enjoy stringing together my thoughts and writing them out, or typing as the case may be. Sadly, I'm not alone in my past struggles, as a large percentage of high school students do not enter college with adequate writing skills. Our communication skills are so important, and as a homeschooling mother, I have always wanted my daughters to learn to write well, and when the opportunity to review the College-Ready Learning Essentials™ Full Package  from BetterRhetor came up, I was ready.

This course was created and used in high schools, colleges, and universities, and this course has been structured to work with small groups and individuals. It will take students through the steps of writing in an easy to follow outline. The package is broken down into 5 sections, with 25 lessons:
- Overview- 1 lesson
- Planning - 10 lessons
- Drafting - 8 lessons
- Revising - 4 lessons
- Finalizing - 2 lessons
Students will write their own 3-5 page research supportedpaper by the end of this course.
There are also two bonus features at the end of the course that include key terms, and a guide to the culture of college academics. My daughters and I found these very interesting and helpful.

This course is great for anyone in high school or college who needs to learn the basics of communicating through writing. Even if you as the parent and/or teacher feel less than proficient at writing, there is no need to stress. In fact, sit in yourself, as you'll learn along with your student. It is organized very well. You will not need to do any manual tracking, because the program automatically does that for you, informing you of the percentage of the course that you have completed. The only tools that you need are your computer, and access to research materials.

Students will learn how to select a topic, research, outline, take a position, critique other papers, and have their own work critiqued, how to counter argue perspectives, and revise their work. That's only a sampling of topics that are covered in this package. It covers everything that students will need to excel in college writing. It is so much more than anything that was ever taught to me. Isn't that sad?

I've been using this with my 10th grade daughter. To say that she is a reluctant writer is the understatement of the century. She hates to write, mostly I believe, because she lacks confidence. That is slowly changing as she learns these skills. The 25 lessons can be used in a 5 week period, but I'm taking it slower with my daughter. We're working 3 days a week. As with anything in life, as she gains more knowledge and skills, her confidence is growing. She may not love writing, but it isn't the great monster anymore, and that's saying something. The assignments consist of a lecture of sorts, which is the lesson to be read, then a pdf to complete. We break down each part into a couple of days work.If your students are more confident, or older, you might work at a faster pace. This pace is working for us as we incorporate it into our other school work.

I'm pleased that we've had the chance to use this package. It arrived at a great time in my daughters' point in their education. I'll be using this with my 9th grader as well. If you have a student in need of writing skills, or maybe you need a brush up for yourself, this is a great option to consider.

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