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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Creating a Masterpiece - A Crew Review

I love the Fine Arts. It was always a favorite subject for me throughout my school years, and still is today. Creating something, whether of an object or the abstract, is a relaxing mental break for me. I can get lost in the process and forget about, well everything that I don't want to think about for the moment, lol. Sadly, it seems that Art is the subject that is often marginalized and sometimes forgotten altogether in lieu of "more important" studies. What a shame that is, because we need all of the benefits that Art brings. Besides fine and large motor skills, we learn about history, and different cultures. Some parents worry that they lack the skills to effectively teach Art. If you are one who feels that way, keep reading. Creating a Masterpiece provided our family with a one year subscription to their online Drawing Program to use and review.
Master Artist Sharon Hofer teaches this award winning program. The first perk that stood out to me is that it is suitable for all ages. Can I get a "WooHoo!" from all of the multi aged homeschool families? Here are the basics of the Drawing Program:
- 4 Levels
- 30 Projects
- 48 Lessons
- 3 Drawing Media

Art Media:
- Colored Pencil
- Pencil/Charcoal

Art Skills Taught:

- Incorporating Value
- Shading
- Two Point Perspective
- Three Point Perspective

Regarding supplies, it is suggested that students use the best quality materials that they can afford. Why? Simply put, better materials yield better results. Of course, we all know that budgets vary, so purchase what you can afford. For us, we already had some of the supplies, and then we went middle of the road for what we didn't have. This program does provide a list of the necessary supplies along with links for buying what you need along with each project.

Getting started with Intro video.

Getting started was simple. Choose the skill level, and then select a project. My daughters opted for the Beginning Drawing level. Each drawing lesson is divided into a number of video sections. each clip is fairly short, so you might complete a picture within a half hour to 45 minutes, depending on your interest and speed. Alternatively, if you're pressed for time, or if you're student has a shorter attention span, you can complete a section, and then come back later. My daughters would complete a project all at once.

Cartoon Giraffe video lesson.

Exaggerate a few details when drawing cartoons.

Cartoon Giraffe- Completed

Master Artist/Teacher Sharon Hofer has a warm, pleasant manner. She is relatable in her guidance, providing helpful tips and techniques as she teaches. The lessons are straightforward and easy to follow. Beginners, as well as more experienced students, should have no trouble getting good results.

Owl video lesson.

Beginning by finding the general shapes that stand out in the drawing.

Adding feathers and details...

Owl- Completed

Both of my daughters used this program. My oldest is not typically a lover of Art. She rarely voluntarily engages in a project of her own accord. My youngest is the complete opposite, and loves all things relating to Art. She even has a mini  studio of sorts that she set up in our basement. Any available free time will find her creating something with paints, colored pencils, and/or clay. Still, with those differences, under the instruction of Ms. Hofer, they both had very good results with their projects. So, wherever you or your students are in ability, you can create something beautiful.

Baby Elephant in process. 

Baby Elephant - Completed

I am thrilled with this program, as is my 14 year old. We cannot wait to delve into the more complicated projects. It's a good program for any family, offering flexibility, convenience, good instruction, and  lovely finished pieces to display. Visit their site and try a sample project, and see what you think.

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